Sunday, September 03, 2006

"Pick-it-up", "Pick-it-up"

No, it's not the call of a nagging houseperson (have to be politically correct these days) ! It's the equally nagging call of the Striated Pardalote at this time of year, as they carve out their territory. This pardalote nests in holes, in the ground, on banks, in trees, in pipes and anywhere similar that takes their fancy. They're marginally bigger, certainly heavier, than the other 2 pardalote species seen in Tasmania, the Spotted Pardalote, and the Tasmanian endemic, Fortyspotted Pardalote. I also watched one of the pairs I photographed, drive off an interloping 'spotted'. As both species nest in similar habitats, I suspect that they are often in conflict over breeding sites. I wonder what impact they have on the rare, 40spotted?
The Striateds are easy to approach, and quickly adapt to the close proximity of humans. It's surprising, therefore, that this is the first time I've photographed them, although, unlike the other 2 species, the Striated is a migrant, having
arrived back in the state in the last few weeks. The accompanying shots were taken at Cape Deslacs Reserve at Pipeclay Lagoon, where their territorial calls would suggest that there are many pairs about to breed.


John Tongue said...

We were at various places around Sandford-South Arm last Thursday, and there were Striated Pardalotes calling EVERYWHERE, along with a few Spotted's. I have heard that 40-spots suffere next competition from both species. It makes you wonder why the 3 species are all SO different in their 'territoriality' (if that's a word). Striateds leave the state altogether. Spotteds hang around, but seem to move in and out of an area. And the 40spots always seem to be confined to a particular area. Interesting.....

PS I like the new look of the blog.

BirdingTas said...

Hi John,
Yes at this time of year the Striateds do make their presence known! The incessant call of 'pick-it-up' can become quite wearing if you happen to be working in the bush close to a 'colony' of them.They can call for hour after hour.

BirdingTas said...

Hi John again! I finally changed the background colour after some people had complained about the difficulty in reading the white on black of the blog. Hope the blue background is easier on the eye.If anyone has any suggestions relating to the presentation of the blog, I would be interested to hear from them.