Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Forthcoming Events

John Tongue sent in a note on forthcoming events that may be of interest to Tasmanian birders.
"Birdwatching with your ears"--how are you on your bird calls? It can often be very useful (as well as interesting) to be able to identify birds by their call. Many feel they are not very good at this, but may be better than they think. A Birds Tasmania outing will focus on bird calls, though there will be lots of 'watching' too. Meet at the RedGate Section of the Meehan Range Conservation Area (Cambridge) at 8.30am on Saturday, November 11th. Contact John for more details: phone 62346535 or
" The Great Tassie Twitchathon"--not a nervous disorder, but competitive birdwatching. It will be run over a two week period in January 2007. See how many 'ticks' your team get over a twenty four hour period, and maybe enter one of the novelty events. For an information kit and registration, contact John and Shirley Tongue at 17, Church St. Hobart, phone 62346535, or

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John & Shirley Tongue said...

Thanks for running these 'ads', Alan.

People are starting to show some interest in both events.

John T.