Sunday, February 25, 2007

From Two Readers.

From time to time readers send in their shots of birds, and 2 are shown here. I'm always glad to get feedback from readers, and like to see their work. As a general rule, at least for publication, I have a preference for images with a story, similar in style to those I normally publish, so don't be too put off if I don't publish material you send me. The images here are from Ron Spencer, showing a pair of Brown Falcons--fairly unusual to see the 2 together, the other is an Eastern Rosella photographed in the garden of Michael Dempsey at West Hobart.
I have been threatening to write short articles on some aspects of digital photography, but as I don't see myself as an authority on the subject, I'm a little hesitant. However I'll offer the following thoughts. It is interesting to note that both the accompanying photos were taken on similar digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLRs), and both with telephoto lens of 300mm (if I read the 'hidden' information correctly). That is a good combination, and will enable you to get worthwhile shots. If you're going to take a lot of shots on any digital camera, you'll need a PC (or Mac), and a suitable editing programme. Picasa2 is a good one to start with, and it's a free download. I use it (I also have 2 other more sophisticated programmes) and do most of the image editing for the blog on it. While it's quite possible to get excellent results from compact cameras with a built in zoom lens, it's a whole lot easier with a DSLR, and a whole lot more expensive!
I'll leave the subject there, but if there is sufficient interest, I'll consider writing in more depth.
I will just add that at the moment, not only am I not able to easily read books, newspapers etc., post eye op. (successful), pending new glasses, but seem to have a bad case of RSI, something I never thought would happen to me! So I can't spend as much time as I would like on the computer. So if postings are a bit thin, that's my excuse. My thanks to Michael and Ron for their contributions.


John Tongue said...

Thanks fro the pics, stories, and photographic info, Alan. I hope the vision is soon crystal clear!

BirdingTas said...

Thanks John.
I can see the computer screen fine, but need corrective glasses to read books etc.. My real worry at the moment is my wrist injury, which I hope is "only" RSI !

Duncan said...

Re. Brown Falcons Alan, I usually see them in ones, or a pair in the same area, but a few years ago we were driving home along a back road and saw at least a dozen in a big redgum. Looked up Pizzey when we got home, and he mentions "loose companies" Have never seen anything like it again.

BirdingTas said...

Hi Duncan.
In Tasmania, especially in Autumn, you'll occasionally see as many as 20 or more together, on open paddocks. They seem to be drawn to spots where there are large numbers of insects, usually grasshoppers. Quite a sight!