Saturday, January 21, 2006

Successful Immigrants

Two success stories in the bird world in this state, are the Goldfinch and Greenfinch. At the moment they are among the most obvious of species in and around suburbia. While the Goldfinch was probably introduced by well meaning 'acclimatisation societies', the Greenfinch is a much more recent immigrant. Probably originating in Victoria, the first records were in 1945 at Marrawah on the far NW coast. Since then it has spread far and wide. Flocks of 100 or so can be found during the Winter months, often in coastal areas and sometimes associating with Goldfinches. Probably neither species are high on your list of important species, but they seem to have occupied a niche not exploited by native species. It may be worth considering that in much of suburbia , especially during the Summer months,if it wasn't for our introduced species, our gardens might be somewhat lacking in birds, although some of us who grow soft fruit, might sometimes prefer it that way!
(Both photos shown were taken at Bellerive and are of birds in She Oaks)

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