Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Latest Pelagic Trip

Bill & Els write: Sunday's pelagic trip off Marion Bay produced only 3 species of albatross, which was disappointing. They were c70 Shy Albatross (image at right), 3 nominate Black-browed and 2 Wandering Albatross. Fairy Prions were around in small numbers most of the day, though not close enough for any great shots. One Long-tailed Jaeger and 3 Arctic Jaegers, 3 Southern Giant Petrel, 1 Great-winged Petrel, 3 White-chinned Petrel, 4 or 5 Grey-backed Storm Petrel, 5 or 6 Wilson's Storm Petrel (image at left), 1 White-headed Petrel, 5 Sooty Shearwater, 1000s of Short-tailed Shearwater, 2 Fairy Penguins. Miracle of miracles, no one was 'crook' despite the rather 'uneven' surface of the water!

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