Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tripping the Light Fantastic

Little Egret are usually described as uncommon in Tasmania, but at least during the colder months you may usually find a few about some of the local coastal areas and nearby lagoons. Apart from a group of 5 at Marion Bay during March, I've only seen single birds. This week I've recorded singles at Sorell and Lauderdale, where I shot the accompanying images.
The group of shots here were shot as the egret fished. Having stood in the one spot for nearly an hour, it suddenly seemed 'possessed' as it half ran, half flew in all directions chasing its prey, which proved to be small fish. Quite a performance. My only regret was that this all took place at extreme camera range. The pictures give just a taste of the action, before it made a final, successful stab at the prey as seen in the lower right image.

[ The expression 'to trip the light fantastic' is attributed to John Milton in a 1645 poem 'L'Allegro'. It refers to dancing.]


Anonymous said...

Beaut shots, Alan!

They'd make a great series of enlargements for an office, or living-room wall, somewhere.

BirdingTas said...

Hi John,
Nice thought! Unfortunately, they're taken at considerable distance (photographically) and not up to that sort of treatment. Next time!

Duncan said...

Yes, beaut shots indeed Alan, well done. A rarely seen bird in my neck of the woods.

BirdingTas said...

Thanks Duncan. Here they are almost exclusively coastal birds. Despite seeing them fairly regularly, I still get pleasure out of IDing them, especially if it's at a venue I've not previously recorded them. In this case Lauderdale Canal.