Sunday, September 30, 2007

Two Jewels--a Place and a Bird

John Tongue writes: We have only recently moved to the North of the State (Ulverstone), and we are still exploring the best places, and the best birds. We are starting to come across a few little "jewels". We had been told about the Tasmanian Arboretum, at Euganana, near Devonport, and thought we'd go and check it out. It's a lovely place, which has the potential to become even better, as many of the trees planted are still only very young. In fact, it should become quite a "jewel" in the natural assets of the State. While we were admiring the plants, and doing some birdwatching, we came upon a very confiding pair of Beautiful Firetails (pictured). We don't often happen upon these wonderful little birds, and when we do, we have generally struck them as quite shy. Not this pair! With camera snapping away, they let me approach to within about 3 or 4 metres, as they fed nonchalantly along the edge of the track. They were a brilliant sight in the warm Spring sunshine. A jewel of a bird in a jewel of a place.


Duncan said...

Jewels of birds indeed John, how lucky to find such a cooperative pair. I've always found them very elusive. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Duncan,
We too generally find them very elusive, usually only getting a fleeting glimpse. That's what made this pair so special!

Paul Stacken said...

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