Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gould's Lagoon Bird Hide Destroyed.

I've just received an email from JJ Harrison a local resident at Austin's Ferry (I believe), telling me that the Gould's Lagoon bird hide has been destroyed in a fire, lit by vandals,a few days ago. It has been vandalised on many occasions, and is frequently used for drinking parties and worse. I recently commented to a council employee, working at the reserve, that is was a wonder it hadn't been burnt down, well now it has. Hopefully, it will be rebuilt in due course. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. The picnic shelters and facilities at the Myrtle Forest, near Collinsvale, was significantly vandalised shortly after a major upgrade, and I can recount many other minor events


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Alan,
Sad to hear of that vandalism.
We all have to deal with such stupidity, unfortunately.

Mosura said...

Stuff like that sickens me.

I wonder if it was a regular vandal or a disgruntled local tired of the shenanigans.

I hope it's being investigated!

BirdingTas said...

Thanks Denis,
As someone who is "out there" more often than most, I see a wide range of stupid or thoughtless acts. So far as Tasmanians being "green", I think for many that means watching nature based programmes on TV or perhaps owning a pet. For too many, their attitudes towards conservation areas and the necessary regulations that go with it, is one of "that doesn't apply to me". I could rant on, I get so frustrated, partly because the overseeing authorities regard these areas as "self
The Gould's Lagoon Bird hide, had something of an iconic status, in part because it was one of the few facilities specifically erected for birders, and was regularly used by the public. It was a great place to photograph from. That it was so often vandalised is surprising, since the nearest houses are less than 100 metres away. Given the louts that it attracted, they may well be glad its gone.

Duncan said...

Been there and seen that Alan, they burnt the side out of ours, we rebuilt it to be enclosed on only two sides so that the interior was visible from the road. Been quiet since then touch wood.

BirdingTas said...

Thanks Duncan,
In the case of the Gould's hide, much of the action is actually back towards the approach walkway, which sounds a bit weird I know, but that's where the reed beds are. By entering and patiently waiting, grassbirds, reed warblers and if you're lucky, crakes emerge. Perhaps it could be built without a roof. At least it would be less attractive on cold nights!

Anonymous said...

What a shame, to see such a great hide gone. We agree, that there is far too much vandalism, but also too much sheer thoughtlessness, and the idea that the rules 'don't apply to me/us'. We need to report any incidents we see, and not just let people get away with it. MAybe not always safe to confront the offenders personally, but a car rego, or personal description reported to the Police will generally be followed up.

BirdingTas said...

Thanks John,
Yes, I'm sure we've both had the enjoyment of birdwatching from the hide many times over the years. A relayed comment from a local, suggested that the local council would probably not want to rebuild it, due to the anti-social behaviour that it attracts.
I must confess to not visiting some conservation areas over weekends, due to the total disregard of regulations by some. The lack of 'policing' by the relevant authorities, is a disgrace, and I tire of being put in a position of trying to persuade the erring people to do the right thing, and I know I'm not alone there.