Monday, June 26, 2006

Saltworks Excursion

On a beautiful Winters morning after a hard frost, I decided on a foray to the Saltworks Reserve, North of Triabunna. Scenically, probably one of the best, the picture at right was taken from the mouth of Little Swanport, looking inland. The spit in the middle ground, had a roost of some 32 Australian Pelicans this morning, 2 of which were banded(rt leg). Other birds occupying that beach included, c.10 Red-necked Stint, 2 Hooded Plover, several Pacific Gulls, c.15 Red-capped Plover and 2 pairs of Pied Oystercatcher. The most numerous species was Crested Tern, probably numbering 150+, but as they constantly passed from the oyster racks out to sea and back, that's a guess. Several of the Pelicans took off and headed North (including the one pictured). Other birds present in the area, included Little Pied Cormorant, Black-faced Cormorant, Australasian Gannet, Grey Butcherbird, White-faced Heron, Grey Currawong, and a solitary White-breasted Sea Eagle. En route, I stopped briefly at Rostrevor Lagoon (about 1 km N.of Triabunna), and noted at least 12 Blue-billed Duck and 20+ Blue-winged Shoveller. Rostrevor is, arguably, the most consistent spot in Tasmania to see Blue-bills.

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