Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I was returning from Little Swanport on Monday (see posting below), and pulled in to the side of the road, just South of the Triabunna bridge, to count a small flock of Pelican. As I did, I noticed a robin on the fence wire, hunting insects. Using the car as a hide, I positioned myself to get a shot or two. The female Scarlet Robin (at left) was very obliging, returning to the same spot on the wire between sorties. As I concentrated on photographing this robin, I heard the familiar "tinkling" of Yellow-rumped Thornbills, but took little notice. The continued "tinkling" eventually got my attention--the flock of about 6 or 7 birds, had landed on the wire alongside me and much closer than the robin. A hurried change of angle, enabling me to take a few shots (one shown at lower left), before the flock moved on. While the shot suffers somewhat from having a dark background, I was pleased to have come to grips with a common enough bird, but one that had eluded me (as far as photos go) . Are there less of them around this Winter? As I continued on my way feeling quite pleased with my good fortune, I realised that I never did count the pelican!

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John Tongue said...

Ahhh! The distractions birding can create!