Monday, April 17, 2006

Murrell Morning

Such a delightful autumn morning, I decided to visit the Peter Murrell Reserve at Kingston. The first frost of the year was still clearly evident as I arrived, and I set off round the lake with the expectation of a good mornings' birding. As often happens on very still mornings, there was little activity to be seen at first. I approached the second pond along Coffee Creek on the lookout for the Platypus that I have seen there on previous occasions, but found instead 2 Hoary-headed and one Australasian Grebes actively feeding. As the temperature rose--from around 2 Celsius--so did bird activity. Small flocks of Black-headed Honeyeaters, few Fortyspotted Pardalotes, Green Rosellas and family groups of Dusky Robins, endemics that many visitors seek here, were evident. A few small flocks of Blue-winged Parrots flew over, as did a flock of around 20 Galahs. During my 90 minute walk, I recorded about 30 species and managed to take a few photographs too! A very satisfying early morning walk. ( The photos show the lake near the entrance and a Dusky Robin)

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a delighful - if chilly - morning. I have to admit, I was tucked up in bed, though sis enjoy the day later on.

We have seen 40-spots a few times from just about where you took this great shot of the pond - though we haven't seen the platypus there yet.

I'm off to Sydney for the day on Friday, and have been in touch with a few of the birders there, including Murray Lord, about the Powerful Owl near the Australian Museum, so hope to see it while I'm there.