Monday, April 03, 2006

Purple Swamphen

Felix Wilson writes: Just a couple of pix of Purple Swamphen, taken out at Gould's Lagoon. John's pictures of the Spotless Crake, inspired me to send them in. I took them a couple of weeks ago out there.
The Swamphens are interesting birds, having adopted Polyandry--that is the acquisition by a female of more than one male as a mate. They are striking to look at too, though it is surprising how well those colours camouflage them in the reeds and rushes of the wetlands that they inhabit.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Felix,
We mau have seen the same bird! It was in trying to photograph a stunning swamphen (almost shining in the sunshine) that we noticed the Crake feeding around behind him. We ended up with shots of both, and some very nice ones of the swamphen, so I'm glad I blogged the Crake, and you sent in the Swamphen.