Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Garden Visitor

No sooner had I written up Mona's article, than I too added another species for my garden. I glanced out of the kitchen window, mentally lamenting the fact that it was still windy with frequent showers, when I noticed a parting Forest Raven. Wondering what had drawn it there in the first place, I suddenly realised that in the same tree as the raven had just left, was the unmistakable shape of a Brown Falcon, and most definitely on the prowl. (A mad dash for the camera ensued at this point, but I had to be content in photographing it through the window). I suspect its interest was in the House Sparrows enjoying the lawn seed my neighbour had 'kindly' sown for them! As you can see, it's a young bird, possibly finding its first Winter a bit hard going in the food stakes. It stayed only briefly, before disappearing towards the unsuspecting sparrows, but I didn't see the outcome. In the past, I've had both Collared Sparrowhawk and Brown Goshawks in the garden, but this is the first "Brownie", although I do see them infrequently, flying over. From previous experience with the other hawks, it will return occasionally during the cold weather.


Snail said...

That's a good addition to the garden list.

And I just want to say that your photos are excellent! That sequence with the kelp gull is magnificent.

BirdingTas said...

Hi Snail,
Thanks for the comments, I'm blushing!! I did miss out the following day when, my family reports, we had some Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos in the garden. Not a new addition, but certainly a rare event, especially as we have a normal suburban garden, albeit with trees.