Monday, June 18, 2007

.........more Frogmouths

Michael Dempsey sent the accompanying photos in. He comments: We have 3 Tawny Frogmouths living about 5 minutes away in the bush in the Knocklofty Reserve (West Hobart). The birds are at the end of the Poet's Road track, in a Native Cherry tree. (he added more precise details which I've omitted). Lots of other birds around, plus it's worth visiting to see the new John Glover painting trial.


Anonymous said...

Lovely shots of these great birds, Michael - especially the face close-up, and the feathery blanket over their feet.

John Tongue

Anonymous said...

Thanks John, and Alan for publishing the photos. The feather blanket over the feet was very nice close up as well.
i understand, but am not sure, that the parents are on the outisde, with the middle bird a young one?

Anonymous said...

Well, these shots make me even more embarressed about the poor quality of the photo we sent in, but I was too excited not to! Anyway, these are really impressive photos and I think the close up is one of the best bird photos I've ever seen. Has it been published anywhere? Mona

Michael Dempsey said...

Hi Mona

My photo has not been published anywhere, as it was only taken a couple of weeks ago.

Never be embrassed by photos - I liked your shot as the bird was quite plump, and really got a sense of the bird being in your backyard.

I see the bird in your photo is next to a silver/metal pillar - I wondered if it thought it was hiding against the fence?


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
That's probably right. I have some nice shots of a family (2 Ad, 2Juv) from last year at the Taroona Fire Station, and the obvious, fluffy juveniles were sometimes both between the adults, and sometimes one between and the other beside. It seems the adults try to keep the young ones in line, as these adults were desperately trying to look like broken branches, while the inquisitive youngsters were wriggling around, and looking straight at this interesting intruder. Fascinating antics.

John Tongue,
Now of Ulverstone