Sunday, May 21, 2006

Any One for Two-Up?

While the colloquial expression about a "cockatoo" (a lookout at an illegal 2-up game), properly refers to the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, it could equally apply to the Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo, if my experience in trying to get close to the 40+ birds in the South Arm Reserve is any gauge. Despite their 600mm+ length, they are surprisingly difficult to find among the Banksia heath country, and if they choose to remain silent, they'll probably find you first! I did get in among a flock while they were feeding in among some trees (difficult to photograph), I was interested just listening to the "conversations" they appeared to be having, including a "laugh", somewhat reminiscient of part of the Kookaburras call. I hadn't heard that before. In flight they are magnificent.


John Tongue said...

In Perth last weekend, I went in search of WHITE tailed Black Cockatoos, and like you, tracked down a few (5) by their calls (almost identical to our Yellows). They, too, were feeding in amongst foliage, and hard to photograph. Got a few very poor shots. Then, a little bit further along, I came on a group of 28, all adorning the branches of a dead tree, like noisy black and white leaves or flowers.

Robyn said...

We see (hear them first) down here in Dodges Ferry Tas - the local tale is that they fly away from bad weather.
There's a place called Robertsons Bridge (Between Copping and Buckland) where they can be heard and (seen if you're stealthy)
The roadis closed due to the bridge having subsided making it a quiet spot - lovely to walk the deserted roadway and seek out the birds.