Thursday, May 18, 2006


Having failed to get any shots of the Crescent Honeyeater earlier in the week, I went back to Cape Deslacs Reserve (Clifton Beach) this morning to try again. With a bit of luck and perseverence, I finally managed to get some useable shots. I staked out a couple of Banksias with the hope that eventually one of the males would turn up, and while waiting, a male came and sat on the branch of a eucalypt quite nearby. Sometimes things go my way! Although both male and female Crescents were feeding on Banksia blossom, I noted that both were catching insects too. As the morning wore on, the males spent more time chasing each other, and rarely spent more than a few seconds on the Banksia flowers--time to pack up and hope that the shots are OK. This was one of the few times I had seen so many female Crescents, certainly in my garden they are distinctly rare visitors, whereas the males are common, ( but frequently hassled by the Little Wattlebirds).

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