Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Keep Your Eyes On The Road.......If You Can!

One of the highlights of driving round at this time of year (if you're a birder) is the large number of birds that hunt from perches in the open, often power lines. On Tuesday a drive round the Cambridge/Sorell area, produced about 10 sightings of Brown Falcons, and I took the accompanying images of one of them, as it launched itself in pursuit of some Goldfinches--it was unsuccessful. Actually, the most common powerline "sitter" at the moment, is undoubtedly the Kookaburra. I counted at least two dozen, mostly loosely grouped in 2s and 3s. I didn't attempt to photograph them, maybe another day.

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John Tongue said...

We also commented on our last day out about the number of Kookaburras hunting from the powerlines. Didn't count them, but I'd guess in the vicinity of 2 dozen or more. (Great shots of the falcons, by the way!)