Friday, February 17, 2006

Bluewings Revisited

Patience is a virtue so the saying goes and in recent years I can't say it's been one of mine. But this morning I hung in there. As I photographed at the waterhole, I became aware of a Blue-winged Parrot arriving at the top of a 30metre dead tree, high on the bank overlooking the area. I hoped it would come down and drink. After what seemed an eternity, and via a number of other trees it finally made it to the edge of the water about 20 metres away. However in the excitement of the moment, I had failed to notice that just below me (I was standing on the wall of the dam) hidden from view by scrub, was a Green Rosella. It flushed as I repositioned myself, with it's "cusick", "cusick" call reveberating around the hills, it in turn flushed the Bluewing. I wasn't that pleased!!

An hour or so later, after hearing small flocks pass overhead with their "tinkling" call, I noticed one had appeared on the branch only 3 or 4 metres away. I very slowly turned the camera round and took several shots. Shortly after, several others appeared, and warily approached the water. Some to bathe, almost at my feet, although I couldn't see them and others walked to the water and drank. Surprisingly to me, they all bathed and drank singly and not in a flock. In ten minutes it was all over. That was enough excitement for one day for me too!


John Tongue said...

This waterhole looks like a very popular spot with the birds, and a very productive spot for a birding photographer to visit!

BirdingTas said...

Thanks for the comment John. I was beginning to think that there was nobody out there!!

John Tongue said...

Yes, They (and I) have been a bit quiet lately. I do check the site regularly, but just haven't said much recently. I do have a contribution to come soon, but have to get round to transferring the pix from my camera to my computer first! Will send stuff soon.

Felix Wilson said...

Wow!, great shots, as usual, but particlularly striking images of the bluewings.

I have been checking whats been happening every couple of days too, its a good read and the pictures are fantastic,