Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bronzewing Strategy

Spent an hour or so at 'The' waterhole in the Meehan Range recently. It was interesting to watch the differing strategies used by the various species wishing to bath, drink, or both, at this venue. Some, like the Satin Flycatchers are relatively bold and seem more interested in seeing off other flycatchers, than worrying about predators. Others, like the Green Rosellas, do reconnaissance flights over the area, before spending a while just watching and then going for it. Silvereyes and Brown Thornbills, seek safety in numbers and use cover to reach their chosen spot. The Common Bronzewing uses yet another strategy. Landing some 6 or 7 metres away in a
clear area, then walking, very warily along the edge of the water, stopping frequently, using an agitated head nodding (not bobbing), before making a nervous approach to the water and drinking. A reverse strategy was used as it left the water, before a noisy wing clapping as it flew off. (These images were taken from about 20 metres away).
The area supports a good population of Common and a few Brush Bronzewings. I could hear several "ooming" as I took these shots.

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