Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Went for a short walk this morning, armed as usual with my camera, in the Meehan Range. I've spent many hundreds of hours in this section, called "Red Gate" , after the gate at the railway crossing,( both the gate and the railway having disappeared long ago). The entrance is just West of Cambridge township, close to the overpass. I had a banding site here for several years, which I operated with my son. It's a highly underrated area and on a good day, one of the best.
I spent 30 minutes or so at a waterhole, watching several species, drinking and washing, but the highlight of the morning was this pair of Satin Flycatchers. Flycatchers usually just 'dunk' themselves in the water in flight, which is what these 2 were doing, unfortunately much too quick for my photographic skills. Still I managed a few shots shown here.

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