Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Suburban Pardalotes.

Bill & Els write: Recently we went over to Howrah after a report of a possible sighting of a Fortyspotted Pardalote by a Mrs Mary Crowe. An occasional bird, which may be this species, has been seen in and around her garden for some years. The birds were thought to be feeding in trees along the Minerva Park Creek walking track, which provides good cover and has the odd Euc. Viminalis. Unfortunately more and more trees are being removed as people want to create or retain views. One 'lady' wishing to retain views of the bus stop!(even though she doesn't use the bus) and another known as "Big Foot", reportedly stomp on any saplings planted near their gardens. Despite this, the area is teeming with birds, but no Fortyspots. There was a faint call which could have been one, which suggests the area warrants further observation as well as searching the viminalis in other parts of the area. Numerous family parties of Spotted and one of Striated Pardalotes fearlessly came to within a metre of us as they searched the foliage. Areas such as this, which are well used by man, have helped reduce the birds fear of humans.


Anonymous said...

If I had a dollar for everone who has rung me to tell me about seeing 40spots in their garden, I could have retired. Come to think about it, I have retired! I still live in hope.

Mona Loofs-Samorzewski said...

Hey, I think I saw a 40spot in MY garden! But it turned out to be a juvenile Spotted... But seriously, 40spots are quite possible where I live: up on Strickland Ave, with Euc. viminalis the main tree on the block and backing onto Mt Wellington Park. So I'll keep looking, and maybe you can give ME a dollar if I see one???

Anonymous said...

Haha, you really could make a fortune!
My sister said that she had seen one a few years ago on the bank of a track that skirted the far end of our padock that was a floodplane. We found a small tunnel in the bank that had a few bits of straw hanging out of it, hinting at the possibility of a nest. But we never did conferm her sighting and have since moved from that land to a 100 acar block just up the road. So, i keep a lokout, and when i see one, i will give you a dollar.