Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pelagic Trip

Bill W. writes: Had a trip on the "Pauletta" with Phillip Maher at the weekend out of Eaglehawk Neck. Species seen included the following: 5 Black-browed Albatross, c10 Buller's Albatross, 1 Northern Royal Albatross, 1 Southern Royal Albatross, c50 Shy Albatross, 5 Wandering Albatross, 6 Yellow-nosed Albatross, 1 Southern Giant Petrel. Petrel species included, White-chinned, Cape, Grey, White-faced Storm, Wilson's Storm, Grey-backed Storm. Short-tailed Shearwater and a solitary Sooty. 2 Great Skuas and a single Pomarine. 1 Mako Shark (he doesn't add any details! ed.)

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