Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Clarence Plains Rivulet Reserve

It's not always the big reserves which can give you a "photo op". As I returned from Clifton Beach the other morning, I decided to drive down Droughty Point Rd., in Rokeby, to check out and possibly photograph Kelp and Pacific Gulls in various plumages. I wasn't that hopeful of there being much there as the tide was fairly low. As I approached I stopped the car to 'shoot' yet another Brown Falcon, this one a male, hunting from a powerline (top left). Once at the reserve--it must be amongst the smallest, and very close to an industrial estate--I was able to park the car on the boat ramp. From there, without getting out of the car, I took the accompanying photos. The Sooty Oystercatcher walked almost up to the car as it fed, while the rest of the flock of about a dozen, dozed nearby. However, their peace was shattered when 2 of them took part in an amazing game of chase across the bay. I assume this was a pair bonding flight as one pursued the other with great vigour. The Pied Oystercatcher pictured, one of about 10, is seen taking off, disturbed by the bye play of numerous Kelp Gulls.
I took a number of shots of both Kelp and Pacific Gulls, but they will have to wait for another day. I thought they might be of interest, after reading a birding-aus e-mail on IDing gulls. Not so easy if you don't see them regularly.

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