Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm sure while birding, most of us come across confrontations between birds. Out of the breeding season, they most often include predators of one sort or another, but this is certainly not always the case. During the last few weeks, I've photographed a few confrontations between less likely combatants, some I've posted here.
The first one involves a dispute over the use of a raised spot at Gould's Lagoon, between a Coot and a pair of Australasian Shoveller. The Coot backed down, allowing the Shovellers to stand and preen atop this small 'island'.
The second was between a Pied Oystercatcher
and a 1st year Kelp Gull over feeding rights on a tide exposed rock. Although there was plenty
of room for both birds, the Oystercatcher was not happy before it had moved the Gull completely clear of the rock.
The third one was between two species that generally don't come into much contact with one another, an Australian Magpie and a Great Cormorant. The Magpie
had tolerated the Cormorant all the time that it was roosting, but the moment it took flight it harassed it as only Magpies can.
I can't help feel
ing the above mirrors the state of the World just at this time!

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Anonymous said...

You could be right! We certainly have plenty of examples of people in the world who are happy to be "at one another", seemingly just for the sake of it! Thankfully, it seems to be a rarity in the bird world....if only that were so with us.