Monday, July 17, 2006

Roll on Spring

John Tongue contributed the following : After a couple of milder days, to be plunged today (11/7) back into the depths of Winter makes you long for Spring to roll around! The arrival of the migratory birds (some might soon start to arrive), and nesting, and so on, really makes it "Spring".
I took the shot of a Dusky Woodswallow nesting on Kingston Golf Course, last Spring. Beautifully camouflaged against the trunk of the tree, it was only that we stopped to look at some Black-headed Honeyeaters "dust bathing" nearby, that we noticed a Woodswallow seem to do a kamikaze dive straight into the tree trunk. When I went searching to see what it was doing, I found it sitting on its nest, pretending not to be there! The nest was concealed behind flaking bark, just about eye height from the ground--pretty low, I think, compared to where they usually seem to nest, and fairly vulnerable to predators, I would think. How does it compare to where others have found woodswallow nests?
They are magnificently marked, and just seem to shout "Spring" and "New Life".....Or am I just wishing the weather would warm up?

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