Thursday, July 20, 2006

Roll on Spring 2

John Tongue continues his Spring theme: Another bird that that makes me think of Spring is the Eastern Spinebill. Even though it remains around all year, the clear, piping calls of this hansome fellow (reminiscent in some ways of the call of the White-throated Treecreeper on the Mainland, with it's incessant 'peep, peep, peep...') still makes me think of Spring. This chap was photographed in a flowering "Lucerne Tree" at my in-laws' place at Lindisfarne, a great spot for Spinebills and many other Honeyeaters. Calls are often a useful 'identifier', once you get fairly proficient at them. I shall be leading a "Birds Tasmania" outing in November, based around bird calls (not that I'm an expert!). Keep an eye out for details in the Birds-Tas Newsletter or the local newspaper.
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