Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jumping to Conclusions

I must say that I am apt to jump to conclusions, frequently the wrong ones, and this morning's episode was no exception! I often watch the Black-faced Cormorants fishing off the nearby rocks in the Derwent River and I'm firmly of the believe that the increased numbers around here are the direct result of the banning of fish netting in the Derwent. I know that Cormorants and Little Penguins were often a bye catch of netting, and the lack of netting should have increased the food available. But, I digress. This morning I watched the antics of a Black-faced shown in the images at left. I convinced myself that I was photographing this bird using a fishing technique I had not previously observed. For several minutes it repeatedly splashed on the surface, followed each time by a shallow dive, kicking up a spray of water, zig zagging as it went and all the time getting closer to the rocks. I thought that this was a method of driving fish towards the rocks, and I was fortunate to be recording it. The truth, I'm disappointed to say, was rather more mundane. This bird was actually only having a good wash before retiring to the rocks to dry. You may scoff, but in my defence, I can only say that this was the first time I had witnessed this behaviour and I'm a little wiser! I hope at least the pictures are interesting.

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