Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hoodies at Marion Bay

Sadly the numbers of Hoodies at Marion Bay have declined. There used to be 4prs at the entrance from the car park, now only one. I believe there are 2 prs at the southern end and odd ones going north. They will have to contend with the Falls Festival! Despite the fact that dogs/owners have to stay within the dog exercise area, last year very little control. [evidence of dogs having been in "forbidden" zone on 28/11/05 ed.] Pity there aren't more decomposing whales--might keep them off the beach! Priscilla P.

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Anonymous said...

We have seen Hooded Plovers there on a number of occasions, bust sadly have seen dogs running free on the beach each time we've visited, also - Haven't actually seen any in the exclusion area, but have seen them charging up along the beach from the south, sending everyone (avian) scattering, including "Hoodies". Perhaps we all need to be diligent about pointing out their responsibilities to recalcitrant dog owners!
John & Shirley Tongue