Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Marion Bay revisited again! 6/12/05

Unbeknown to me, Bill & Els had visited here the previous day. However my interest was still to find some 'hoodies' to photograph. I found most of the same things as B&E, but missed out on the Sanderling. On the credit side, I did see the c70 Bar-tails. There was a strong onshore wind making photography difficult, and the photographs of the hoodies were somewhat less than I was hoping for, but I was luckier with the, turnstones, plover and tern. Also on the ocean beach were c200 Red-necked Stint feeding among the seaweed, and a beachwashed Gannet , Diving Petrel and 25+ Short-tails.
The Grey Plover has these black 'underarm' markings, seen in flight, which are diagnostic of the Grey vs. Golden Plovers.

The 3 Hooded Plovers seen here were part of a small group of 5 birds, 4 adult and one juvenile on the main beach.

As Bill mentioned, there were c.26 Fairy Terns around the end of the Spit, mainly fishing in Blackman Bay.

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