Wednesday, December 14, 2005

In Search of GPs

There aren't many places in the southern parts of the state where Golden Plover can invariably be found, at least during the warmer months, but Orielton Lagoon is still your best chance. I recently (last weekend) counted 96 there. If you go into the reserve from the Shark Point-Sorell Road end, they can usually be seen in what for many years was called"Tank Corner", that is, close to the golf course on the Midway Point side. As a bonus, you may find the odd Sharptailed Sandpiper embedded in the flock. They are usually fairly difficult to get close too, and if you persist they will take flight and leave the lagoon altogether. If there has been rain during the preceding week,(or you intend to walk close to the water) you'll be advised to wear gum boots! This is one place a scope is a more than useful accoutrement. I have attached some, albeit fairly poor quality, photographs taken on my trip--you can see I couldn't get very close and , in case you're wondering, they were still there when I left.

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