Friday, December 09, 2005

.....more Frogmouths.

Some of my family visited Taroona recently for a Scouts outing, and came back boasting about the Tawny Frogmouths they'd seen. Up until then we hadn't added them to our Tassie list, though we had seen lots on the Mainland.
My wife and I went to check them out, and sure enough, this little family of Frogmouths was still there--even on the same branch! The family were roosting in a small gum tree in the grounds of the Taroona Fire Station, and were low enough for easy photography.
'Mum and Dad' were trying their best to look like dead branches, but the 'kids' just didn't seem to have any idea. They were far more inquisitive about intruders, looking back at those watching them. Just as well the parents kept them hemmed in to keep a close, if almost closed, eye on them. John Tongue.

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