Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Marion Bay revisited 5/12/05

We went to Marion Bay again, and the first bird of note was a solitary Sharp-tailed Sandpiper on the marsh in the centre of the trotting track by the causeway. Also present was c60 Pied Oystercatcher, one carrying 3 colour bands on one leg, but too far away to determine the combination.

Could it be that the increase in the numbers of P.O.s at Lauderdale and South Arm are mainland birds. A considerable number of colour banded birds have been seen on King Island. If observers have the chance to read the colour combination of this or other birds, it could prove interesting.

Out on the Spit there were other good finds in the form of a Grey Plover, a single Sanderling and 26 fairy Terns. Along the ocean beach a lot more seaweed than usual had attracted 3 Ruddy Turnstone, which we almost walked past before they got up and walked a little further up the beach to allow us to walk by. Only 2 Bar-tails were located, with none found elsewhere in the bay.

A further search for the 3 Canada Geese recorded by Andrew and Cynthia Meyles in the middle of last month, between Dunalley and Marion Bay, proved unsuccessful. (Having seen the impact that large numbers of Canada Geese have had overseas, I wish them a short life!ed) Bill & Els
NB Bill tells me the "Canada Geese", turned out to be Swan or Chinese Geese--a little premature in wishing them short lives!

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