Thursday, December 15, 2005

Orielton Lagoon Update 15/12/05

No sooner than I blog a piece about Orielton than a few more notable birds rear their head. Among the 40+ Curlew and c80 Bar-tailed Godwit are a solitary Whimbrel and the reappearance of the 2 Great Knot. I suspect the best time to find them will be at High Tide at Sorell--appears to be have been around 11am today. The waders are "driven" into Orielton to roost. If you want to see them you WILL need gumboots, and something to wrap them in on returning to your car! Orielton mud is infamous. You will also have to endure the Kelp Gulls, as they have, or are in the course of hatching their young--at a guesstimate there are 50+prs breeding. The Curlew and B/tails normally roost on the waters edge towards the end of the spit that runs out into the lagoon, usually readily seen from the road. A scope would be very useful.
17/12/05 2 Cape Barren Geese have turned up at this site.
If you'd only stay still you could be lunch!
Kelp Gull chick with over eager Silver Gull

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