Saturday, December 10, 2005

Much sought after 'tick" for some

Bruce Lord rang me this morning (Saturday) to tell me that a Masked Owl had taken up residence in a Sandy Bay garden and would I be interested in photographing it. I must say my first thoughts were that it would probably be hidden in dense foliage and difficult to see, let alone photograph. However, I certainly don't see Masked Owls that often that I could pass up the opportunity, so armed with camera I set off. I was pleasantly surprised to find the female Masked in the open and photographable, although against a bright sky. Bruce mentioned that he knew of at least one Mainlander who would be on the next aircraft to Tasmania, if he thought the bird would remain here--apparently a much sought after sighting. The bird has been at this residence for at least 10 days. It may have been displaced from a local park that is undergoing major works.

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