Sunday, March 19, 2006

'Aggro' Heron

It's not only Wedgetails that can act aggressively to one another. While down at Marion Bay recently, I became aware of the sound of a heron calling "aggressively"--if that makes sense! Shortly after, I found the source, a couple of White-faced Herons playing chase. The chaser seemed pretty agitated, but I've no idea what caused it. They were surprisingly agile for 2 slow flying birds, not usually known for their aerial skills. I lost interest as they disappeared into the distance and I swapped my interest to a flock of Bartails. A few minutes later, the heron pictured here, landed very close by and stayed long enough for me to take several shots. I was surprised by its' landing so close, but wondered later, whether it was the bird being chased and I was some sort of safe haven.

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