Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Watcher Watched

Have you ever tried photographing Grey Fantails? I was standing among the scrub surrounded by fantails, well that might be a slight exaggeration, but there were at least 10, probably more. They had discovered me. They flitted around me, occasionally scolding, never still, and try as I might I just couldn't get a shot of any of them. No sooner did I see one in a suitable position, than it pirouetted and quickly moved on. It's not for nothing they've earned the nickname 'Cranky Fans'! I did finally get a shot of sorts, seen here, of one scolding. While this was going on, and probably attracted by the commotion, they were joined by a female Satin Flycatcher. It sat about 2 metres from me, and just looked, cocking it's head from side to side, more reminiscent of a dog! At that range the very wide bill and bristles were evident. To take a shot of it at all, I had to slowly back away (it was too close to focus on) and managed a few shots of just the head--as shown. In a few minutes it was all over--but those few minutes are one of those events that will be remembered for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. I used to love Cranky Fans--that takes me back a few years! Do you still watch Bill Oddie's wild life? They are excellent. Also the birds on Planet Earth which is showing here, are fascinating. I'll keep watching. Cheers, Rosina (UK)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rosina,
Do you get "Cranky Fans" in the UK, or did you spend some time in Oz?

BirdingTas said...

I can answer that John. The only Cranky Fans that I know of in the UK are some soccer supporters! Rosina lived in the North of the state for many years, but is now living in the UK. From memory, I believe she lived in the NE and NW where her family ran farms.