Thursday, March 09, 2006


Spent the morning in the Meehan Range and one of the birds I didn't see, or hear, was the Satin Flycatcher. Over the past few months they have been one of the more obvious birds, with there strident, rasping call, and I have managed to photograph them on a number of occasions. It would seem likely that they're on their way North. Time will tell.
A while ago, I blogged a piece on "Dust Baths" and since then I've googled the subject. There seems no end to possible theories why birds do this, but they seem to come under the general headings of, 'Anting', 'Dust Baths' and 'Sunbathing', and often in combination.
A week or so ago, I watched this Satin Flycatcher, sunbathing on a branch for nearly 10 minutes. She faced one way, then the other with wing extended. While this was going on, the male satin was also sunbathing. But unlike the female, he spread both wings, while lying flat on the ground, some distance away. I can't from memory, remember seeing Satins sunbathing before, and rarely see them on the ground. Why do they do it? Well I suggest you 'google' it too, and add your theory to the growing list!

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