Sunday, March 05, 2006

Disappearing Act

A little bit of photographic nonsense! Probably, as a group, the Strong-billed Honeyeaters are among the most comical. They are robust individuals, and in a family 'gang', are not afraid of much. At the waterhole they rarely drink, prefering to jump in, as the accompanying pix show. One quick look around and into it. Quickly shaking off the water, and they're gone, noisily disappearing back into the protective canopy of nearby eucalypts to preen. I've found over the years as a bander, that around water was one of few places that you were likely to catch Strongbills and to a lesser extent, Blackheaded. Both species, are usually seen, high in the canopy, or in the case of Strongbills, on the trunks, looking for insects under the bark. At times, the sounds of them searching is the first indication of
their presence.

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