Monday, March 06, 2006

Don't be Fooled!

Over the years I've been involved in vetting records of bird sightings and I must confess that I'm basically a sceptic--unless of course they're my sightings! The sightings of Nankeen Kestrels, especially in the South of the state, are always problematic. Many, newer observers, seeing a hovering bird of prey, immediately label it 'Kestrel'. As you see from the accompanying images (shot at Copping), given the right conditions--a strong updraft on the downside of a hill--the Brown Falcon, is an accomplished hoverer.
The series show a 'brown' going into the hover, hovering, collapsing the lift prior to diving, and diving.
In the South, you're more likely to see a Kestrel in the Winter, but do give that hovering bird, a second look.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,
Great shots (as usual). The first one does look particulalry Kestrel-like, in the thumbnail - though obvioulsy not once enlarged. Can see how people could get fooled, though we're seldom tempted to think "Kestrel" in the south, I guess because we've never seen one in the south. Saw lots on King Island last year, a fleeting glimpse of one between Devonport and Deloraine some years back, and a GREAT view of one of "The Nut's" residents, hovering right in front of us from the "Town Lookout" on the Nut at Stanley last June. Too bad I didn't have camera at the ready then!