Saturday, March 11, 2006

One That (hopefully) Got Away.

Marking the first day of the duck shooting season

John Tongue writes : This Pacific Black Duck, one of the few pure bred duck at the Hobart Botanical Gardens, wasn't really phased about being photographed.
I've heard that Mallards hybridise with a number of species around the World, and they certainly do here in Tasmania. In many places, while there are many 'ducks' present, it can be a bit tricky picking a pure Black Duck or Mallard. And you sure get some wierd and wonderful combinations, with crosses of crosses and so on. I guess it's a bit like most feral problems, there is little that can be done to effectively stem the tide. At least the Mallards are mainly confined to the urban areas.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know which species are able to interbreed with which other duck species. I have personally seen black duck, Teal and shoveller that don't look right around the place. Any others that interbreed with Mallards or others?
There are also a pair of what I am pretty sure are muscovy ducks at Goulds Lagoon at the moment, not sure if they can (or will) interbreed.
Also, what species are able to be legallly shot in Tasmania during the Duck season and is there anyone ensuring that the wrong ducks / birds are not killed.

Anonymous said...

I THINK some of the mixed "mob" at Lake Dulverton in Oatlands might have some Muscovy crosses, though with what, I'm not sure. As for the Duck hunting season - I'm sure there is likely to be at least some "collateral damage."