Friday, March 31, 2006

Spotless Crake Spotted

John & Shirley Tongue write: We were pleasantly surpised today (Thursday) to get a reasonable shot of only our second ever Spotless Crake. It was at Gould's Lagoon, (Granton) and put on a good show for us, even appearing in the background of a couple of our shots of a very striking Purple Swamphen. The signs at Gould's Lagoon speak of Spotted Crakes there, too, though we have never 'spotted' them there, or anywhere else!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alan.
I think, however you manipulate the pix to put them on the blog somehow makes them clearer than the original. This wasn't a great shot of the Crake (though given their habits, that's not surprising), but you've brought it up well.

BirdingTas said...

I confess,John! I do usually try to get the best out of shots submitted, hopefully the 'authors' don't mind. Your the first to comment, I was beginning to think no one had noticed. If the weather hadn't intervened, I had planned to add the Spotless Crake to my photo collection. They are usually most easily seen during the colder months, so I hope to catch up with them sometime.

Anonymous said...

Your "massaging" of the shots makes us look like we might be half-way decent photographers!