Sunday, March 12, 2006

Up the Creek

Many of us would have noticed the small flock of Pelicans in Orielton Lagoon, usually roosting on Suzie Islet. Numbering around 5, I've often wondered where they feed as I haven't seen them feeding in the lagoon. By chance, after an early start, I noticed them fishing in Orielton Creek, on the northern side of the Shark Pt.-Sorell Rd.. As you can see, they were working as a team, driving (presumably) small fish moving up the creek on the high tide, and they appeared to be successful. Several years ago, on the Tamar River, I watched a flock of Pelicans over several days, and was surprised to note that once they'd had a good feed, they didn't feed at all the following day. I assume this strategy would hold them in good stead over lean times and when on the move. The largest flock in the South, can usually be seen at Blackman Bay (Dunalley), sometimes numbering 50 plus individuals.


Anonymous said...

I was out at Gould's Lagoon on Friday and I saw four pelicans come flying in quite high up, they circled around for a few minutes before settling in the Derwent river just up the road. I havn't seen them around this area over the summer.

Any ideas about where and why pelicans move around?

BirdingTas said...

Saw 2 of the Orielton Flock feeding close to the causeway this AM.